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This is my personal blog, where I rant, rave, complain, and exclaim about everything that no one asked my opinion of.

I mostly post about software development, of the frontend web variety in particular, but I will talk about anything I am interested in. This ranges from programming languages, to game design, to hot takes about the latest JavaScript framework.

Be social! Reach out to send your thoughts, feedback, praise, and (well-reasoned) rants.


  1. How a Cat Debugged Stable Diffusion

    - The story of how Stable Diffusion caused my computer to emit an awful squealing sound, and how my cat solved it.

  2. HTML Fragments Routing

    - Let's build a router by fetching each route as an HTML fragment!

  3. Leaving Twitter

    - The current state of Twitter and how I'm responding to it.

  4. Streamable HTML Fragments

    - HTML fragments part 2: Streaming tweets. Search the far corners of web standards to learn how we can *stream* HTML fragments directly into the DOM.

  5. Impressions of Rust

    - Some thoughts and meditations on Rust. What it does well, what it can do better, and what we can learn from its design.

  6. A Simpler HTML-over-the-Wire

    - Is it possible to build an HTML-over-the-wire application with only native web technologies? See how far can we go with zero custom tooling, and how the web specification can change to support it.

  7. Construct Better

    - Can programming languages design better constructors? Let us explore modern constructor design, its flaws, and some potential improvements.